Reliable Systems

Five reliable systems connect with mothers

Sitters will visit your home at your convenience:
Their regular and familiar care ensures a pleasant and secure atmosphere for your child’s daily life.

Professional devoted care:
Our staffs consist of pre-school and elementary teachers, nurses, a pre-school education student, and experienced mothers. They are specialists in child raising who have completed our training courses which include both theory and practice of child care.

Individual, personalized service:
In order to meet your family’s need. we will develop a sound home-care system based on your habits and circumstances. Please inform us of your household routines and childcare on a separate demand sheet. In this Way, we can ensure your child’s sound physical, mental and emotional development.

Pediatric support service:
A licensed pediatrician is available for consultation and treatment should any medical problems arise With your children in our care. This service allows you to relax in this knowledge that family is cared for under any circumstances.

Automatic liability insurance:
our policy of professional childcare is backed up by comprehensive liability insurance package which begins at the same time you enroll with Mary Poppins Inc.


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