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Information on the discount coupon of babysitter service

 What is the Discount coupon of babysitter service?

You can receive¥4,400 off for one day when you use a babysitter. The government pays some of your fees. In order to make a good society for women to work, and use the baby-sitter services frequently.

Who can use the coupon?

  • The employee of the company that joins the competent authorities.
  • The employee of the official group that joins a benefit society.
  • The benefits society for teachers of a private school.

The way to get the coupon

  • Assist union: The All Japan Childcare Services Association-ACSA(The former Corporation All-japan Baby-sitter Association-ABA, The Ministry of Health and Welfare.)
  • The target of the assist: The business firm(Employee)
  • The business firm make an agreement with The All Japan Childcare Services Association(ACSA, The former ABA),
  • Use the coupon for the babysitter company.

When can we use the coupon:

When parents want to use a babysitter because of working. Not only have a babysitter at home but also picking up form a child care center.

How to use it:

  • Check the following points,
    • Is your company the target of support?
    • Has your company made a conclusion of an agreement with ABA?
  • You make a reservation to Babysitter company to use the babysitter.
  • Your employer delivers the coupon to you.
  • When you use a babysitter, you hand one coupon for one day, Then you can get¥1,500 off.


  • The All Japan Childcare Services Association(ACSA) 03-5363-7455
  • MARY POPPINS Inc. 078-331-0005


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    Sat. 10:00-16:00
    Sun. and holidays are closed.

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